Green Bamboo Leaf Design with L' in the Center

Our Commitment

L’Ermitage is committed to taking care of our guests and our planet. California is our home, it provides us with beautiful sunshine, our local flora and fauna, our fruit, our vegetables, and everything in between. It is our responsibility to protect it. We consciously employ practices that reduce our carbon footprint and help our surroundings flourish. Our dedicated team has established sustainability programs that are purposeful and save resources, energy, and time. Our contribution to saving this planet is part of our every day at L’Ermitage.

Sustainability Practices

Energy Savings
Low-emitting interior finishes, automated lighting systems, precise climate control, light pollution reduction, and 24.5% optimized energy use.

Green housekeeping practice with environmentally friendly towel and linen reuse services.

Reduced Emissions
Community focus, complimentary EV charging, and alternative travel options.

Water Conservation
Water use reduction of 30% with water-efficient landscaping.

L’ Restaurant practices composting and sources from local purveyors at the Beverly Hills Farmer Market bringing a farm-to-table experience.